Friday, June 10, 2011

Heist Society

Heist Society
By Ally Carter
Brilliance Audio, 2009. 5 CDs (6 hr., 10 min.) Teen fiction

Kat Bishop comes from a family a thieves and cons, and although she conned her way into an elite boarding school in order to get away from that life, finds herself drawn back to the family when her father is accused on stealing some paintings from Arturo Taccone, an evil mobster. Kat's dad swears innocence, but Taccone doesn't believe him and he gives Kat two weeks to get his paintings back. So, Kat must assemble a team, figure out who stole the paintings and where he stashed them, and get them back to Taccone or the lives of everyone she loves are in danger.

There's not much not like about this book--there's adventure, suspense, a kick-butt protagonist with a good supporting cast, a bit of a love triangle, and a cool plot line. And, the audio version is great.

4 stars.

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