Thursday, July 28, 2011

The River between Us

The River between Us
By Richard Peck
Dial Books, 2003. 164 pgs. Teen fiction

Just at the outbreak of the Civil War, two girls, Delphine and Calinda, arrive in Grand Tower, just across the river into Northern territory. Tilly and her family take the two girls in, despite the fact that they are Southern and Calinda is black. They stir up the Pruitt family and the town itself. And soon, Tilly's twin brother heads off to war and their mother sends Tilly to get him back.

This is short book, but it's jam-packed with good things. There are secrets, family relationships, and insights into life in rural Illinois at the outbreak of the Civil War. Wrapped into Richard Peck's storytelling, there's not a single wasted word.

3.5 stars. Clean read.

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