Monday, July 4, 2016

For Elise

For Elise
By Sarah M. Eden

Miles Linwood and Elise Furlong were the best of friends during their childhood. However, shortly after the both of their fathers were murdered, when Elise was fifteen, Elise disappeared. For four years, Miles wondered and worried and searched for his friend but found no trace of her. When a chance encounter leads him to find her, Miles can scarcely believe the changes in his friend. Once light-hearted and carefree, Elise now guards her emotions tightly and doesn't trust easily. A widow and young mother at age nineteen, Elise has obviously suffered, but Miles soon finds that there is much more to Elise's story--including a very good reason not to trust him. But having found his old friend and becoming more enchanted with her and her baby each day, Miles must find a way to regain Elise's trust...and her heart.

No surprise, Sarah Eden has written another awesome book. I pretty much love every character she's ever written (okay, except for the villains who we aren't supposed to love anyway). I liked the element of mystery in this novel (and was pleased that I figured out who-dunn-it early on into the novel). I also liked the fact that there was a good reason for the disconnect between Miles and Elise; I feel like a lot of romance novels just have the whole "I don't know if he/she likes me" misunderstanding as the central conflict, and this one had more than that.

 The only bad thing about finishing one of Sarah Eden's books is that then I have to wait for her to publish another one. :(

I read the book once and did the audio book once, and I enjoyed both.

5 stars.

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