Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Spring in Hyde Park

Spring in Hyde Park

A Happy Accident
by Jennifer Moore
During a rainstorm, Jonathan stops in Hyde Park to assist a stuck carriage--and shortly thereafter, finds himself reluctantly married to Maryann Croft, whose father accuses him of improper behavior with his daughter. Although he initially thinks Maryann has contrived to land herself a noble husband, he soon finds himself having softer feelings for his wife...but she has a secret that threatens to come between them.

The Disdainful Duke
by G.G. Vandagriff
Although her sister Lavinia is engaged to his brother Gilbert, the Duke of Mayfield seems to have no use for Sophronia; she's rather plain and not getting any younger, so he seems to think she must want to somehow ensnare him. Sophronia, however, sees nothing desirable in the duke. With their continued acquaintance, however, each find there may be more to the other than initially thought.

An Invisible Heiress
by Nichole Van
Arabella Heartstone does the unthinkable: she proposes marriage to a gentleman. Colin refuses the proposal and in his rejection, suggest that she learn to fly, using her wealth and skills to succeed at more than just finding a husband. Belle, grateful for his advice, plans to repay his kindness anonymously by investing in one of his business ventures, never dreaming that her initial investment would lead to seven years' worth of correspondence between the two. With Colin thinking he's been writing to a gentleman mentor, however, his return to England creates all sorts of problems for Belle's heart.

Delightful! I loved all of these stories. Usually in a collection of stories, I can pick out a favorite and a least favorite, but I can't in this case; I thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. Each was well-written, with interesting plots and well-developed characters. This is one of my favorite collections of romantic stories.

5 stars. Clean read.

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