Monday, March 20, 2017

A Fine Gentleman

A Fine Gentleman
By Sarah M. Eden 

Jason Jonquil provides himself on his good character--he's dignified and refined, ever the gentleman...even if no one seems to fully appreciate him or think him quite equal to his brothers. When Mariposa Thornton arrives in his office, though, she tries his patience and flusters him in ways few people can. He can't wait to figure out Mariposa's matter of an inheritance and send her on her way.
Mariposa has escaped from Spain, having experience horrors in the war with Napoleon. She has come to England hoping that her mother and little brother have come to England as well and settled with her father's family. However, Mariposa doesn't know who her father's relatives are, so she doesn't know how to find them. She doesn't trust anyone, though, so she won't tell Jason what she really needs help with and hides even her true self from him.
While Jason doesn't care for how Mariposa treats him, he also can't abandon his principles--especially those that require him to help a lady--so he reluctantly aids her, and in so doing, she pushes him to reveal parts of himself that he had buried inside, as well as revealing who she truly is.

Sarah Eden rocks. I love her books, and this was no exception. I loved seeing Jason's interactions with Mariposa but also his interactions with his family and especially seeing why he acted the way he did. Mariposa was a bit frustrating in her initial treatment of Jason, but it was also realistic given her past. I loved seeing how they bantered later on, and I loved getting to see other Jonquils (especially Philip and Sorrel) in this book. Can't wait for more books by Sarah Eden!

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