Monday, April 30, 2012

Love? Maybe

Love? Maybe
By Heather Hepler
Dial Books, 2012. 267 pgs. Teen fiction

Piper, born on Valentine’s Day, is quite cynical when it comes to love. When her friend Claire gets dumped just before V-day, their friend Jillian decides they need a Plan that will help them all secure dates by V-day. Although reluctant, Piper goes along with The Plan for Claire's sake, and soon, she's managed to attract the attention of her long-time crush. However, even as things seem to be going well with him, and the candy (Consternation Hearts) she created at the shop where she works are super popular, Piper can't quite shake her cynicism. In spite of everything, though, maybe she’ll find love after all.

This is a sweet (pun intended) read, that, while it takes place around Valentine's Day, can be enjoyed by readers year round. While it's a little on the fluffy side, it also has some depth as we see the experiences in Piper's life that have made her cynical about love and her wake up call to realize that things don't always have to go wrong in love.

3.5 stars. Clean read.

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