Monday, September 19, 2016

A Refuge at Highland Hall

A Refuge at Highland Hall
By Carrie Turansky

While in London helping her sister Kate and brother-in-law Jon with their children's home, Penny Ramsey meets Alex Goodwin, a pilot training to fight against the Germans in WWI. Once he returns to his base, he and Penny exchange letters, and it seems that--should Alex make it through the war--they might have a future together. But when the realities of war hit home for Alex, he distances himself from Penny, who can only hope that God will be able to heal him.

While I of course enjoyed the romance angle of the book (as well as the side story with another romance), I think I enjoyed the history and the look at the British efforts against the German Zepplins; Alex's experiences were so fascinating to me.
The third book in a series, I think it could probably be read as a stand-alone, but the first two books in the series are equally enjoyable, so I'd recommend reading them, too.

4 stars

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