Monday, March 12, 2012

The Day Before

The Day Before
By Lisa Schroeder
Simon Pulse, 2011. 307 pgs. Teen fiction

Needing to escape, Amber decides to take her final day before her life changes completely by going to the beach. While she initially plans to spend the day in solitude, her plans quickly change when she meets Cade, a boy who appears to have the same haunting pressure on him. The two of them agree not ask any questions, but they set out together to have one happy day before returning to real life.

This novel in verse will appeal to many readers. The plot is carefully unfolded, giving tiny hints that will have readers holding their breath as they're waiting to find out just what Amber and Cade are facing. Both characters are realistic and likable, and their desire to have one terrific day will pull readers along as they long for a terrific day of their own.

4 stars. A little bit of language, but not enough to bother most readers as they enjoy this perfectly delightful book.

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