Saturday, March 10, 2012


By Megan Miranda
Walker & Co., 2012. 264 pgs. Young Adult

After Delaney falls through the ice into a cold Maine lake, it takes eleven minutes for her best friend Decker to pull her out--long enough to kill her. Except it doesn't. Miraculously, she wakes up after six days in a coma and doesn't even have brain damage. But she soon realizes that something is wrong with her, as she finds herself physically drawn to those who are dying. With her mother freaking out over her accident and her relationship with Decker falling apart, it's a relief when Delaney meets Troy, another coma survivor who seems to have the same strange ability that Delaney does. Except, she doesn't know Troy, and what she finds out makes her rethink everything she knows.

Thoroughly entertaining, readers will pick this one up and devour it in one sitting. There's enough action and snappy dialogue for reluctant readers (and a love triangle, too), and there's enough depth to keep it satisfying for those who like their books with a little more meat. I really liked watching Decker and Delaney trying to figure out their friendship. On the down side, I was thrown a little by a reaction Delaney's classmates have to her later in the book--not so much that it happens but that there's never any follow up to it. It's one of those situations where if I over-think things, I might not like the book as much, but it in the heat of the moment, it was really good.

3.5 stars. Some language and making out.

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