Monday, March 12, 2012

Seven Miracles That Saved America

Seven Miracles That Saved America
By Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart
Shadow Mountain, 2009. 311 pgs. Adult Nonfiction

The authors examine seven events in American history, ranging chronologically from Columbus's discovery of the Americas to Ronald Regan's near0miss at the hands of an assassin, and point out the hand of God in the outcome of the events, typically focusing on small detail that had huge outcomes. Their overarching argument is that God did, and still does, care about America and that Americans should believe in their country.

This book mixes in some fictional narrative with the nonfiction, which could evoke mixed responses from readers. Some may appreciate the fictional inserts, since they add a little bit of a personal touch, but others may wish they had been left out, resulting in a slightly shorter book. I personally felt like some of the chapters were lengthier than necessary, and I think I would have appreciated some maps to illustrate some of the points, but overall, it's a very interesting book and a good choice for book clubs looking for a lively discussion.

3.5 stars. Clean read.

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