Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Page by Paige

Page by Paige Laura Lee Gulledge

Page by Paige

By Laura Lee Gulledge

Amulet Books, 2011. 1 volume (unpaged). Teen Graphic Novel


The unfortunately named Paige Turner has just moved to New York from Virginia. While her parents are excited about the move, Paige isn't. She has a lot of emotions, doubts, and worries swirling around in her. She decides to start putting those feelings and dilemmas down on paper, opening herself up in her sketchbook. She also starts to realize the value in opening up to other people, including her friend Jules and cute Gabe, who has the potential to be more than a friend...
Fighting her insecurities is hard, but as she continues with her art and with building relationships, she finds a sense of empowerment and more inner peace.


This graphic novel is fantastic! I was blown away by the illustrations, which so fabulously illustrated Paige's inner turmoil. The prose was good, too, varying with Paige's varying emotions, from darker to buoyant. I love watching Paige and Gabe's unfolding romance--there were some truly awesome lines there (Anyone who can relate a relationship to Legos and "clickage" is super cook). I think this is my new favorite graphic novel, and I highly recommend it.

5 stars. There's a tiny bit of innuendo but it's otherwise clean.

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