Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rebel Fire

Rebel Fire Andy Lane Sherlock Holmes The Legend Begins Book 2

Rebel Fire

By Andy Lane

Farrar Straus Giroux, 2011.343 pgs. Teen fiction


Sherlock Holmes has enjoyed the tutelage of American Amyus Crowe, and he knows that Crowe has secrets in his past, but he didn't realize that Crowe is a colleague of the Pinkteron agency and has come to England to find John Wilkes Booth, who, although thought to have died in a fire, is alive (although not necessarily well). Sherlock can't resist investigating, but his initial delving leads to his friend Matty begin captured by Booth's associates. Soon, Sherlock, Amyus, and Virginia (Amyus's daughter) find themselves chasing Matty's captors across the Atlantic Ocean, trying to find Matty and figure out what the  Confederates are planning now, before it's too late.


Adding a conspiracy involving John Wilkes Booth brought an interesting twist to this series. I like how readers have the chance to guess along with Sherlock what is going on. This book took a darker turn than Death Cloud did, with Sherlock being responsible for the deaths of other people (in self-defense), and there was something about it that I didn't like quite as much as Death Cloud, but I still enjoyed it. This is a fun series for mystery fans and those who like a good dose of logical thinking.

4 stars. Maybe a little bit of language, but I don't remember for sure...

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