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A Country Christmas (Timeless Regency Collection)

A Country Christmas (Timeless Regency Collection)

Saints and Sinners
by Josi S. Kilpack
Neville has never thought of Eloise as more than a friend--she's just Eloise. But when his friend Burke starts paying attention to her--and even goes so far as to suggest they try to see which of them can steal a kiss from her first--Neville starts to think of her differently. Eloise has long cared for her friend, and she can't help but hope that a Christmas ball will give them a chance to kindle a romance, but when instead of seeming to return her feelings, he chastises her for her choice of dress, it seems even maintaining their friendship might be too much to hope for...but Neville finds he'll do anything to see her happy. I loved seeing Neville come to terms with his feelings.

Although the plot line of boy-not-realizing-his-feelings-for-his-female-friend is a familiar one, it was still a fun story and I enjoyed seeing how things worked out. There were numerous misunderstandings in the story that kept the plot moving along well, and Neville and Eloise were both likeable characters.

The Christmas Angle
by Carla Kelly

Able Six has nothing to recommend him to any woman; he's on half-pay from his position as a master in the navy due to the current peace and he's a foundling with uncertain parentage who grew up in an orphanage. A friend from the Navy finds him a temporary position tutoring two young boys for a month, and Able takes the position, soon finding that he, who has an extraordinary mind and can read books in a matter of minutes and remember everything he's ever seen, has an aptitude for teaching. He also finds that he has an instant connection with his pupils' aunt, Meridee. As a gentlewoman with no dowry, she's not really in a position to marry, and even if she could, she's above Able in station, so a romance between them seems doomed.

When I first started reading this story, I didn't think I would like it much; I was a little confused by Navy aspect of things (I'm still not entirely sure what a Master does!), but I ended up absolutely loving it. Able and Meridee are such endearing, unforgettable characters, and their struggles were portrayed so realistically. I loved seeing how they ended up fighting for their romance--and Meridee punching Able's superior officer when he's lax in lending his aid was awesome! Totally loved this novella.

The Perfect Christmas
 by Jennifer Moore

Archie is going to provide the perfect Christmas for his closest friends--Jonathan, who is overburdened by his responsibilities after the passing of his father; Maryann (Jonathan's wife), Mother Kathleen (Jonathan's mother), and Jane (Maryann's sister), who is only recently free from the home where her family sent her due to her periodic panic attacks. Archie is particularly hopeful that spending a simple Christmas at his country estate will be a peaceful, uplifting experience for this group--and that it will be the perfect opportunity for him to propose to Jane. However, when they arrive at his estate, they find that his letter with instructions for the servants to prepare the house never arrived, and they spend their Christmas in the gardener's cottage, roasting cheese and bread over the fire. Although it initially seems that all of Archie's plans are ruined, will this simple Christmas be exactly what they need?

It was touching to see how this group of characters cared for each other--not just Archie and Jane but the whole group. All of the characters were kind, and I liked seeing how they supported each other and enjoyed being together for their simple Christmas. This was a sweet story. I loved this collection. All of the stories were great! With clean romance, a Christmas theme, and great characters, there's nothing not to like about this collection. I truly enjoyed each story! I received a free copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions are my own. 5 stars.

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