Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Finding Margo

 Finding Margo
By Jen Turano

Margo Hartman enjoys being a pop star, but she's ready for a break. So when her mother starts talking about an international tour, Margo dyes her hair, turns off her phone, and starts driving across the country to hide. Her plans hit a snag when she lands in a lake--literally--in an Amish village after being run off the road. And when someone shoots Margo, she winds up in the middle of a mystery she couldn't even begin to imagine. Margo finds the town creepily familiar and wonders if there's a reason she wound up there. Brock Moore, an FBI agent who accepted a temporary job policing the small town so he can also investigate his sister's death--which he refuses to believe was a suicide, as it was rule--quickly comes to Margo's aid, helping her hide from both her fans and her parents and trying to figure out who shot at Margo and why.

The book has lots of character--it's quirky and humorous. Margo and Brock have some pretty funny conversations, and the meddling side characters are fun, too. There were times, though, that it felt like a little too much--like Margo's mother was a little too crazy and her father a little too evil--and it seemed a little over the top. Overall, I liked the book, the mystery was interesting and unique, and I'm interested in reading the other books in the series--but I have to say that I like Jen Turnano's historical fiction quite a bit better.

 I received an ARC through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

4 stars. 

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