Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Lady of the Lakes

The Lady of the Lakes
By Josi S. Kilpack

Walter Scott falls in love with Mina Stuart the first time he sees her—and spends the next five years planning their future together. Mina is flattered by Walter’s attention and swept up in his romantic flattery, but she doesn’t know for sure if her heart truly belongs to him...and when her parents encourage her to consider the attentions of William Forbes, she finds herself more torn than ever. Charlotte Carpenter is a Catholic, French-born orphan, with the added disadvantage of being the daughter of an adulteress, so she doesn’t expect to ever marry. She has made peace with that and is determined to learn how to be an independent woman, managing her own household and life. When she meets Walter Scott, though, she finds maybe she wants more—but is Walter’s heart free to love or does it still belong to Mina? I wasn’t at all familiar with Sir Walter Scott’s background before reading this book, so it was interesting to find out a little bit about him. I like how Kilpack showed his personality, his romanticism and idealism, contrasted with Charlotte’s more practical nature, while Mina’s hesitancy and doubts were realistic of a young girl figuring out her own heart. I was captivated by the story; I couldn’t wait to find out who Walter would end up with and how it would all work out. I was really tempted to peak ahead to the end of the book or do some quick internet research to find some answers, which I think is indicative of how well the author pulled me into the story. This would make a great book for discussion—there are some interesting points about true love and whether there is such a thing as love at first sight and how love grows. 5 stars.

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