Wednesday, November 9, 2016

As You Are

As You Are
By Sarah M. Eden

Corbin Jonquil has always been the quietest of the seven Jonquil brothers--which has been fine as he's been building up his business as a horse breeder. However, it doesn't work so well when it comes to interacting with women, and when widowed Clara Bentford moves to the neighborhood, Corbin finds himself wishing he knew the right things to say to get her to love him as he loves her. His brothers offer him advice, but each time he tries to put it into practice, it works out badly for him. Clara isn't used to kindness from men; in fact, she's used to anything but kindness. So her first impression of Corbin Jonquil is to think he's haughty or aloof. However, as she watches his kindness with her children, she comes to realize that maybe not all men will hurt her as she's been hurt in the past.

 I like Corbin so much--maybe because he reminds me of my own husband, who isn't much of a talker but is definitely a do-er and takes care of me :) I loved seeing how he tried to follow his brothers' advice only to fail, but ultimately found he could be true to himself and still be worthy of love. I also liked seeing how kind he was with Clara's kids. I actually loved seeing his family's interference, how they all meant well but didn't really know what they were talking about--that led to lots of humorous moments and comments.This was another great clean romance novel from Sarah Eden and it gives hints of what's to come in the fourth book in the series, as Corbin's twin Jason has his chance at love.

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