Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Season in London (Timeless Regency Romance)

This is a great collection of clean Regency romances.

Poor Relations by Elizabeth Johns
Emma Standrich is having a season in London before becoming a governess, as her family is impoverished and needs her income, especially since the death of her brother, who was a soldier. However, when Colonel Colin Shelton, her brother's superior officer, dances with her a ball, her prospects change. While Emma's main goal for her season was to try to find out what really happened with her brother's death, she soon finds herself with an offer of marriage. This was the weakest novella of the three; I just felt like it wasn't as smooth or developed as the other two. While I liked the mystery aspect as Emma tried to figure out the truth behind her brother's death and who she could trust, the romance was good have been developed better; I felt like it didn't really show developing feelings very well and wish there had been more to show how they came to care for each other.

Edward & Emily by Heather B. Moore
Edward is recently returned home, as his brother has died and he is now the heir to the family estate. His neighbor Emily, whom he knew but pretty much ignored in favor of his books as a child, has recently experienced the death of her father. While Edward returned home reluctantly, and he participates in the social events his mother has planned even more reluctantly, when he becomes reacquainted with Emily, he finds that perhaps London has more to offer than he expected.
This was a delightful story. I liked the letters that Emily and Edward exchanged and the humor in them, as well as the growing friendship, trust, and affection they showed.

A Sporting Season by Rebecca Connelly
Daphne Hutchins absolutely does not want a season in London. Forced by her parents anyway, she is determined to do all that she can--short of completely ruining herself--to make sure she receives no offers. So she wears dresses completely out of style, refuses to dance, and makes impolite conversation, which should ensure an unsuccessful season. But instead, Jamie Woodbridge is completely entranced by her and courts her (without her consent but to her parents' complete delight), even though Daphne tries to push him away. As determined as she is to achieve her goal, Daphne can't help but be drawn to him.
This was my favorite of the three novellas. There were laugh-out-loud moments, great banter between Daphne and Jamie, and totally sweet moments as well. Daphne was spunky and determined and well-developed, and Jamie was dreamy. I really, really liked this story.

I received a free copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

4.5 stars. Clean Read.

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